Learn to Generate 
150 - 300 Leads 
Per Month 
For Only $10 Per Day
Learn to Generate 150 - 300 Leads 
Per Month 
For Only $10 Per Day
Leads Will Be Pouring in Within Hours!
Have Your Best Year EVER In 2021 By Working With
The Lead King
Russ Ward
What's In Store For Your Final Expense Business in 2021?
Becoming the Top Producing Agent in Your Agency.... Almost Overnight
Dear Final Expense Agents,
This step-by-step course will teach you to become a final expense lead generation machine! You will follow along and watch over the shoulder of The Lead King Russ Ward as he shows you the EXACT steps he uses to generate thousands of leads for his personal clients every month! 
Working With The Lead King will get your business to
"The Next Level of Massive Success!"
This is How it Works...
Step 1: Select the Area You Want to Target
Pick any area you would like to target. Our lead generation systems work in EVERY city in North America!
  •  Cities
  •  Zip Codes
  •  Neighborhoods
No matter where you live or how niche you want to target our program will work for you. We teach multiple ad variations to ensure you will get great results regardless of your area!
Step 2: We Make it Super Easy For You! We Provide the Ads, Show You the setup, and how to do everything else!
  •  All Ad Copy is Provided For You. You Simply Copy/Paste the Templates!
  •  All Images are Provided. You Simply Auto Import them
  •  We Provide You with 12 Different Ads!
Here's The Simple Truth...
If you implement EXACTLY what we teach you will get more leads than you can handle and your closings will skyrocket!
Step 3: Automate the Process
  •  Lead contact information will be automatically populated and sent to a Google Sheet and Instantly Sent to You Via Text Message
We show you EXACTLY how to automate the process! The lead comes in via Facebook Ads. The lead's contact information is instantly sent to a Goolge Sheet. And You are sent an INSTANT text message as soon as the lead comes in!
Traffic & Automation are the Key to Results on Auto Pilot !!

Go High Level Automation Training and Snapshot

✅ Final Expense Life Insurance Snapshot
✅ Custom (css included) Final Expense Life Insurance Long Form Survey
✅ Custom (css included) Final Expense Life Insurance Long Form Funnel
✅ Custom Final Expense Life Insurance Text Sequence
✅ Custom Final Expense Life Insurance Email Sequence
This Progam is VERY EASY to Implement!
Unlike other programs, this course walks you step by step, literally watching over the shoulder of The Lead King Russ Ward as he shows you EXACTLY how to set up the entire process

You may have tried courses in the past that were extremely technical or too difficult to complete. This course is completely different. It does not take weeks or "master mind" calls to get things up and running. You will easily set up the entire process and have leads flowing in within just a few hours!
 Listen to what some of our Students have to say About Working With The Lead King Russ Ward
Felix K.
Lance G.
Dave N.
Billy B.
"The Lead King" Russ Ward
Lead Generation Expert
Over 20,000 Leads Generated in North America
Hi! My name is Russ Ward!

In addition to owning a marketing agency, I was started my sales career as a final expense life insurance agent which means I have a unqiue perspective on how to generate final expense leads. I test everything I do in my own business before I roll it out to my clients.

Feel free to visit my Facebook page to see some of my results before you decide to work with me. I want you to feel completely confident and comfortable with the decision you make so we have a great working relationship from day one!

I am not the typical "guru" you find all over social media begging you for money and trying to hustle you for a buck. I am extremely accessible. You can call me, text me, message me, whatever you need! When we work together, your success is my goal! And I back it up by being easily accessible for help when you need it!
Frequently Asked Questions
What will this course teach me?
This Course will teach you to generate 100 - 300 Final Expense Leads every month using the proven techniques of The Lead King Russ Ward.
Is there any additional expense?
You will need an upgraded Zapier account ($25/mo.)
Is there a contract or any recurring monthly fees?
Nope! You pay for the course one time and have lifetime access with lifetime updates and no further charges!
Can a newbie do this?
Absolutlely! This course is desiged for anyone who wants to generate final expense leads - whether they are brand new or very experienced.
How do I get help if I need it?
There are multiple ways to get help. The Lead King Russ Ward will provide you with a series of videos to show you exactly how your marketing program works. If you need additional help or have questions you may ask them in course support group. You may also send a support message using The Lead King's tech support chat bot.
Where can I see proof of your results?
You may see the most up to date results on The Lead King Russ Ward Facebook page.

You may see the most up to date video testimonials on The Lead King Russ Ward video testimonials page.

You may also see additional reviews on the Lead King Russ Ward reviews page.
Can I call and talk to someone on the phone?
Absolutely! We encourage you to book a FREE 30 minute strategy call with The Lead King Russ Ward using THIS LINK.
10300 49th St N, #137
Clearwater, FL 33762
Phone: (813) 278-7988
Email: russward@theleadking.com
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